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Home Paternity

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Convenient home collection for paternity testing

Achieve peace of mind effortlessly with our DNA paternity self-collection kits. Save time and money with convenient online ordering and doorstep delivery. Simplify the process with our comprehensive kits designed for easy collection.

Personalized Kit

Experience cost-effective and hassle-free DNA testing by creating your own kit using everyday supplies. Collect DNA samples with cotton swabs and envelopes, then mail them to our laboratory for processing. Enjoy the convenience and accuracy of our services without breaking the bank.

Accurate Results

Experience our laboratory’s commitment to efficiency and precision with rapid analysis completed within 2 business days. Expect prompt delivery of results via email, ensuring peace of mind. Our DNA paternity self-collection kits offer optimal time and cost-effectiveness without compromising accuracy.

How we do it


Order DNA Test

Order conveniently online or contact our DNA specialist to place your order.


Sample Collection

Enjoy flexible options for DNA collection, either at our service centers or in the comfort of your home.



Experience our streamlined process: samples shipped directly to our lab, ensuring prompt delivery of results!