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Non-Legal Twin Zygosity Test

Experience the convenience and privacy of our non-legal Twin Zygosity Test, allowing you to collect DNA samples at home. With careful adherence to testing procedures, expect results of comparable accuracy to other collection methods. However, please note that the information obtained from this test cannot be used as evidence in court proceedings due to the absence of approved chain of custody requirements. While the test provides reliable insights, it is not suitable for legal purposes that demand strict adherence to chain of custody protocols.

Legal Twin Zygosity Test

Trust our Legal Twin Zygosity Testing, which strictly adheres to chain of custody standards, ensuring that the results can be confidently presented as evidence in court. When seeking to definitively determine genetic relationships for legal or government proceedings such as custody disputes, child support cases, or inheritance matters, our binding legal testing protocol is the recommended and appropriate choice. Rely on the accuracy, reliability, and credibility of our legal testing process to meet the specific requirements of these important legal proceedings.

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